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Metal Mag review of Obsolete Continuum by Marcel Fabio

Arapacis : « Obsolete Continuum » CD June 2017 Note Musik Records.


Arapacis : "Obsolete Continuum" CD June 2017 Note Musik Records.
Arapacis : "Obsolete Continuum" CD June 2017 Note Musik Records.
Arapacis : "Obsolete Continuum" CD June 2017 Note Musik Records.
Arapacis : « Obsolete Continuum » CD June 2017 Note Musik Records.

Arapacis : « Obsolete Continuum » CD June 2017 Note Musik Records. Hard Rock/Doom/Dark/Heavy Metal band. Jerry and his wife Shelle are back with another yet interesting and original album.

For those who are not familiar with this couple , they are musicians who create and always have guests to widen the view and sound of their songs. The good thing is any of their albums sound the same. Deep Dark lyrics and so true it will speak to many, enchanted vocals to lead you to madness with a smile. The first track getting you straight into a frosty dream loosing your grip to reality, floating in a cloudy strange feeling with a slight touch of Black Sabbath, Bludy Gyres…

Guest musicians Philippe Mius d’Entremont on Cello, Mathieu Roy on Drums, Mel Leclerc on Saxophone, the hit single beeing ‘Translucidity » one of the last track featuring Vinnie Appice  and Steph Honde with an awesome solo and great vibe.

When listening several times you really have the impression to read a book, some ‘growling/broken’ voice like a second thought talking making think of Gollum. If you wanna dive into this universe with melodies in the voice and guitar solos melted with an edge of soul eater then get this album 98/100.
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ARAPACIS are a hard rock/prog/doom/classic rock band formed round the husband and wife duo of Jerry Fielden and Shelle Macpherson, hailing from Longueuil, Montreal, Canada.

ARAPACIS, album line up.


1. SYNDROME: - A great opening track that has an Asian flavour within the addictive sound. Shelle's vocals have a haunting feel and capture the imagination as she paints the picture of the song, like a singing Mata Hari enticing you into the track. The track changes tempo and goes into a subtle section with wonderful guitar lines from Jerry, a very relaxing section full of brightness and gentle waves. The number reverts back to its original flavour and hypnotic beat whilst Shell catches hold of you again with her unique vocals. The number changes and builds into an excellent groovy and soaring guitar section for the finish.


2. DECEPTIONIST: - A hard rocking start with a driving, beating tempo and raw guitar riffs. Shelle's vocals have a unique tone and tang to them, as she uses different layers to deliver the song along side the hard rocking riffs. There is a great prog vibe within the track that is very interesting. Jerry provides some classy guitar shredding in this number which is highly enjoyable.
This is a hard driving track with a dark thread running through thitting all the right spots. OH YEAH.


3. THE GREY PROCESSION: - There is a haunting sad vibe to the opening section with the sound that draws you into some dense misty atmosphere as Shelle enters with whispered vocals. The track sizzles into a sombre, doom laden affair, slow, heavy and nasty. Shelle's vocals have a menacing aura and come over quite foreboding, at times her vocals are full of nastiness when she uses her harsher semi growling voice, she is certainly on top of her game on this track. The whole number is dank, dark and infectious that smothers you and takes you breathe away as well as sending a old shiver up your spine. Top notch guitar shredding from Jerry around the midway mark dismembers your brain with ease. A gloomy track indeed, not to be playes in the dark.


4. KICKING AROUND THE BLUES: - Super groovy bluesy beat puts you in a great mood straight away, as the funky rhythm takes over your mind, soul and body. Shelle spits and snarls like a wildcat as she delivers the song in fine style. The number is highly addictive and captivating as contains some super delicat guitar work. You can almost imagine this being played in a hazy smoke filled bar with the lighting turned down low. It's gutsy and gritty and soars in the latter stages with some excellent guitar shredding from Jerry, that cuts right through you. A classy number.


5. THE BRUTE: - Deep rumbling bass and dark guitar licks as the track kicks of with menacing aplomb, the cymbals crashing along side a stonking drum beat. Shelle is at her nasty evil best here with her snarling and grumbling vocals that go straight for the jugular. She is like a dark demonic princess, digging her talons into your flesh and claiming your soul for her sacrificial rites, her different use of her vocal tones are a darkened delight. This number is a dark and gloomy affair from the very bowels of hell, a track full of black shadows. A deadly musical virus that sweeps through your system. BRILLIANT.


6. OBSOLETE CONTINUUM: - The title track begins slowly with a hard drum beat and guitar notes. The whole number has an element of intrigue and at times defies description with its make up, doomy and progressive elements are all in the mix. Shelle, once again, is on top form with her deadly vocals full of nasty intent. Great sax solos in the second half of the number as it takes a more mellow stance with a slight jazzy tint. The track then sizzles with excellent hard rocking guitar work from Jerry, giving the track another element to enjoy. This number has been classily arranged and at times brain damaging.


7. TRANSLUCIDITY: - We are off with a slow, demanding hard rock tempo with Shelle producing some unearthly screams that are pretty scary. The track settles down with an addictive rhythm with some lovely keys/synths in the mix, adding another colour to the number. Shelle holds you firmly in her grasp, sucking away your very life's essence with her vocals that at times are bordering on nightmarish. A foreboding desolate track that suffocates you. A great transference to a more hard rocking sound with classy guitar shredding and a stonking drum beat as we go into a lengthy instrumental section with Jerry coming to the fore with some classy solos. The track reverts back to the subdued grimy beat and you sink further into the dark recesses of the track once again.


8. WATCHER: - We finish with a super instrumental jam that has become the trademark of the band over the last few albums and they do not disappoint here with this one.
Spacy synth sounds and an uptempo black beat open the proceedings, a haunting scary spectacle that rocks with spectral menace, elements of prog working well in the mix. Soaring guitar shredding from Jerry keeps you hooked on this number that makes use of light and shade perfectly. Plenty of different layers on this strange number that at times leans more to the progressive side of things,
whilst maintaining that dark, doom laden vibe. A great jam to confuse your brain.


A classy album by a class act, Jerry and Shelle with guest musicians have produced another exhilarating and highly enjoyable 6th album. They have gone for a much darker and doom laden approach here, compared to previous albums, and boy oh boy does it work, hell yeah, every track is a dark gem and heavy as fuck. I have always loved this band and listened to their progress over the years. Since Shelle came onboard on album 4 they have just got better and better, Shelle in particular has really grown into a fine front woman with a unique tone to her vocals that suit the band perfectly,
and off course we have the grand master himself, Jerry a multi talented and very experienced musician at the helm, This is going to be very high in my albums of the year . Knowing Jerry it will not be too long before they are back in the studio for album 7. OH YEAH. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED....10/10+